Lady and the Tramp Opposites Attract #1901/4000 Disney WDCC Disneyana Figurine

This item is lightly used! Comes with original certificate of authenticity and box! The figurine and base is in near perfect condition. There is one scratch on the Tramps nose and pictures have been included for a detailed look at the said damage! This can probably be easily repaired, and since its a vey rare figurine it would be worth the trouble. Make us an offer. The item “Lady and the Tramp Opposites Attract #1901/4000 Disney WDCC Disneyana Figurine” is […]

Lady And The Tramp-bella Note (3 Pc. Set)

FROM: LADY AND THE TRAMP PIECE: BELLA NOTE (3 PIECE SET) PRODUCTION MARK: PICK AXE 3 PC. SET – LIMITED ED. OF 5000 – PC. #745 Joe, Tramp, Lady & Tony Bella Notte. License: Made of gold-plated metal with a brass wire hook. Barrel & Accordian Trim: Painted with silver metallic paint. Joe’s Shirt Buttons: Painted with gold metallic paint. COMES WITH ORIGINAL DISNEY BOX AND CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY. The item “LADY AND THE TRAMP-BELLA NOTE (3 PC. SET)” is […]